TM Content Maintenance


The TM Workbench functionality includes TM maintenance capabilities such as listing all or a selection of the TM's items to display, edit or delete them as desired.



Content Display and Search Functions

Opening the Maintenance menu activates the Maintenance tab view and enables the two

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Translation Memory edit fields (Source and Target) to use a wildcard character (asterisk *) to filter the items shown in the "Maintenance" list.

A text filter is formed by placing an asterisk ( * ) in the "find" string as a wildcard.  Enter the search term (with or without a wildcard) in the Source or in the Translation edit field.  Press the "Enter" key to start the search/find operation.  NOTE: Find text operations are not case-sensitive.

Wildcard usage:


Lists all text entries beginning with "file".


Lists all text entries containing the string "file".


All text entries will be listed.


Whole segment (no asterisk): lists all text entries where the entire segment text is "file".



Deleting a TM Entry

To delete an entry in the list, select the entry (or entries) and press the "Delete" key, or use the
| Delete menu command.



Editing a TM Entry

To edit an entry, select the entry in the list and press the "Enter" key to open the Edit Translation Unit dialog box or use the Maintenance | Edit menu command.



Adding a New TM Entry

To add a new translation unit (source and translation text) to the translation memory, use the Maintenance | New menu command.  In the New Translation Unit dialog box you can enter the source text and the translation to be added as a new translation unit to the TM.



RC-WinTrans Dictionaries

The TM Workbench offers the same maintenance and editing capabilities for RC-WinTrans text file (.txt) or TMX (.tmx) dictionaries as it does for a translation memory with a single exception:
a "comment" cannot be used for a translation unit in a text file dictionary.