To install the add-on ("RC-WinTrans TM Workbench"), simply run the installation file ("Setup.exe") you received or downloaded from  This will open the setup program to install the add-on to the following RC-WinTrans installation folder:

<your installation directory>\RC-WinTrans\TMWorkbench\

Once the add-on has been made available the TM Workbench can be started.



Workbench TMs

A number of ready-to-use TMs are included with the installation of the TM Workbench.

TMs installation folder:  <your installation directory>\RC-WinTrans\TMWorkbench\TMs\

The TMs were created with the add-on itself using Microsoft Terminology files (TBX).  The TM Workbench's Import Terminology Data (TBX File) command to import the data from the respective terminology (.tbx) file.

As of January 2014 the following language TMs are included with the installation of this TM Workbench Add-On:

English  –  German; German  –  English

English  –  French; French  –  English

English  –  Spanish; Spanish  –  English

English  –  Japanese; Japanese  –  English

English  –  Hebrew

English  –  Czech

English  –  Polish; Polish  –  English

English  –  Chinese Simplified

English  –  Chinese Traditional

English  –  Russian; Russian  –  English

Additional TMs can be created by downloading the respective terminology file from the Microsoft Terminology Collection website and importing the data to an SDL Trados TM using this TM Workbench Add-On.



TM Workbench Application

The TM Workbench Add-On can be used as a stand-alone application detached from RC-WinTrans. It has an EXE file installed to start and display the TM Workbench.

To start the TM Workbench independently of RC-WinTrans, locate the following command from the Windows "Start" | "All Programs" menu:

| "RC-WinTrans"  |  "TM Workbench"