Settings Dialog Box


Use the Settings dialog to display and determine the customizable settings of the TM Workbench.


Figure 1:  The Settings dialog box.



General Tab

Find Options:  Maximum number of hits  (Edit Field)

The maximum number of found results allowed to be retrieved from the translation memory and displayed in the Found tab view.

Find Options:  Minimum match value [%]  (Edit Field)

The minimum match value expresses the minimum acceptable degree of similarity between the source segment and matching segments found in the translation memory.  Fuzzy (partial) matches that fall below the minimum match value are treated as non-matches (range = 10% – 100%).

Workbench TMs folder  (Edit Field)

An installation folder for this TM Workbench Add-On which contains a number of ready-to-use translation memories.

See also:

"Workbench TMs Folder (Definition)"

"Workbench TMs" under "Installation."

"Open From Workbench TMs Folder" under "Menu Commands."



Font Tab

Specifies the font to be used for the Source text fields, the Translation text fields, and the list views (Found, Messages, and Maintenance).


Figure 2:  The Font property page in the Settings dialog box.