The RC-WinTrans TM Workbench Add-On extends RC-WinTrans‘ functionality with access to an SDL Trados translation memory (TM) (.sdltm).  The add-on connects with a translation memory to quickly and easily supply translations while working with RC-WinTrans along with other valuable functionality.

The add-on has an external interface (TM Workbench window) that is separate from RC-WinTrans.  The add-on interacts with RC-WinTrans and the translation project currently opened in it.

In the TM Workbench window the active translation unit (selected in) RC-WinTrans is displayed side by side with the corresponding translation unit found in the SDL Trados TM. Also shown are the differences between the translation units' source texts, fuzzy match indication and an overview of all fuzzy matches found in the TM.

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The add-on sets up an SDL Trados TM as a dictionary in RC-WinTrans, allowing it to be referenced in the same way (Find Translation command) and including its found results in certain dictionary operations (Find Translation, Get Translation(s) and Auto-Translate commands).




The TM Workbench supplies functionality for maintaining the content of a translation memory.
This includes listing all or a selection of items in the TM to show, edit or delete items (details...).

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RC-WinTrans Dictionaries

The TM Workbench can also be used for accessing and maintaining RC-WinTrans text file (.txt) and TMX file (.tmx) dictionaries.  A dictionary listed in RC-WinTrans' Dictionaries view can be opened with the TM Workbench.  The TM Workbench then offers the same access and editing capabilities for the dictionary as for an SDL Trados TM.



Stand-Alone Usage

The TM Workbench Add-On can be used as a stand-alone application detached from RC-WinTrans.
It has an EXE file installed to start and display the TM Workbench Add-On.

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